Tips on Becoming a Sub-Broker in India


A sub-broker trades in stock exchange marker, not with his or her shares, but with the shares of a trader. The sub-broker acts as the agent buy and sell the shares on behalf of the clients. It is the work of the sub-broker to offer financial advice to the stock traders regarding the shares the trader wants to invest on. Additionally, the broker researches on the best-selling stocks and advises the client; in this case, the stock trader on when to buy shares and when to sell. The sub-broker is usually paid on commission, derived from the shares sold and purchased.

Most angel broking franchise sub-brokers have a financial career background, spanning over many years. However, to become a sub-broker in India, one needs to be licensed by the relevant authority. An aspiring broker must meet the minimal requirements set by the body to be registered and allowed to represent share traders a stock exchange market. Although having the passion for the career is important in this job, financial education background or work experience is an added benefit. It is essential for the sub-broker to have the knowledge of the current financial markets. Additionally, the broker should know the use of computers as most of the activities in stock exchange trading are done with the use of technology.

A sub-broker might spend years building a client base. Like any other business, it is not easy when starting out. To succeed as a sub-broker, one has to understand the rules of the stock exchange market and be patient. To be able to get more client, the sub-broker ought to have excellent communication skills to be able to convince clients. As a sub-broker, you will be meeting the share traders to brief them on the progress of their shares, view here for more info about sub brokers in India.

When looking for customers, create a list of clients you wish to approach. For a start, friends, family, and colleagues can be your first clients. You can forfeit the payment but agree with them to offer referrals to other people. Do not tire to make those calls to investors whom you feel are potential clients. Remember that the higher the number of clients who trade, the higher your commission. Check out this website about broker.

If you feel you have little knowledge of becoming a sub-broker, consider partnering with an experienced broker who is in need of a partner. You will get a chance to learn a few tips before going solo.

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